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Ahlexxi Jelen and Robby Spring of HIIO


HIIO was created in partnership between two graduate students, Ahlexxi Jelen and Robby Spring, from the
Translational Research Program (TRP) at the University of Toronto.

The Masters of Health Science (MHSc) in Translational Research Program (TRP) is a 2-year professional graduate degree program in the Faculty of Medicine, at Institute of Medical Sciences,  University of Toronto. The TRP provides its students with transformative experiential educational opportunities through training, support and mentorship for innovators who catalyze the transformation of scientific discoveries into problem-solving designs with tangible benefits for human health.

 Key pillars of the TRP:

  • Design Thinking

  • Experiential Learning

  • Transferable Skills

Our team embarked on a translational journey to examine the current climate of health technology innovation, implementation and the Ontario health care system. Using the translational framework developed by the TRP, our team navigated six iterative phases, from discovery to evaluation, before arriving at our final health solution, HIIO (or, Health Innovation Implementation in Ontario). As a result of our master’s work, HIIO was created to provide an overview of the current health innovation landscape in Ontario and to act as an informational resource to help guide health innovators through the complex processes and pathways for implementation in the Ontario health care system. 

HIIO was created using a co-design approach to leverage the minds, creativity and collaborative action of experts across the health care system including individuals and organizations from hospitals, industry, government and academia. 


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