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Process Map



Implementing innovative health technologies in the Ontario health care system

Using the HIIO process map:
To begin your implementation journey in Ontario, use your innovative product idea or design to navigate the 7 phases of the process map, beginning with Phase 1: Ideation and moving toward Phase 7: Diffusion. The map is designed as a “choose your own adventure” where each decision point leads you through a different phase and path. The solid arrows move you through each phase. The dotted arrows indicate critical pathways where you may need to pivot in another direction or return to an earlier phase.

Each phase of the process includes a detailed description, key considerations and resources to support planning, decision making and execution for implementing an innovative health technology in the Ontario health care system.

While the map intends to guide the innovator through the Ontario health implementation stages, it covers the most common pathways, not all possible pathways.  

Disclaimer: Any information provided on the Ontario government was up to date as of November 26, 2018.  While we intend to keep this website as accurate and up-to-date as possible, there may be changes in the Ontario government that we are not yet aware of. 

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This map is inspired by and adapted from the "A guide to navigating the innovation pathway in England" report published by Deloitte MCS Limited (2016).


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